NOVA TECH and SLV Group are companies that complement each other. Thanks to the merger, we deal with comprehensive production of scaffolding systems and their distribution.


SLV Group – Scaffolding sales adapted to you

Each scaffolding offered by our company is subjected to meticulous quality control in order to eliminate hidden product defects. It all makes us supply products whose life is extremely high.

Security above all

Scaffolds produced by us are subjected to a hot-dip galvanizing process, which makes them much more resistant to corrosion and weather conditions. The scaffoldings meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 3834-3, NR B / 02/003/13, NR B / 001/11. Our certificates guarantee that our products are safe to use. As the leader among scaffolding suppliers and the exclusive distributor of NOVA-TECH, we are able to guarantee the highest quality at very attractive prices.


SLV Group / Dariusz Telka / declares that RAM 1 scaffoldings or parts of these scaffoldings are not the original products of entities authorized to the Layher trademark.

SLV Group / Dariusz Telka / does not operate within the affiliated entities of the Layher group.