Welcome to the SLV Group

We specialize in the production of modern modular scaffolding systems (MULTUISYSTEM SLV) and frame scaffoldings also called system scaffoldings (RAM1 and RAM2). The scaffoldings we offer are properly designed, made and distributed. Their high usability and durability are the result of the work of our highly qualified teams and the use of modern technology.

In order to manufacture the highest quality scaffolding, SLV Group employees follow strictly binding procedures, norms and safety rules, while protecting themselves against potential threats.

Our production plant with the most modern, fully computerized production line is located in Sulnów near Świecie. From here, the scaffoldings go to Cieśle near Oleśnica, to the largest logistics center in Poland – SLV Group. There they are stored in huge warehouses, which will soon fill up 1 million m2 of scaffolding. From here, we send them to clients from various parts of the world.

Our extensive practice in production, logistics and our approach to project management enable us to deliver high quality orders at the right time and without any problems. In this way, we serve clients on all continents, both for typical and large and complex projects.

We invite you to cooperation.


Dariusz Telka
Chairman of the Board
SLV Group

What assortment do we offer?

  • Modular scaffolding (MULTISYSTEM).
  • Frame scaffoldings / system scaffoldings, i.e. facade scaffoldings, building scaffoldings, wall scaffoldings, elevation scaffoldings (RAM 1 and RAM 2).
  • Scaffold planks and accessories.

Why is it worth it?

  • A wide range of high quality frame / system and modular scaffoldings.
  • Trouble free scaffolding for objects of all shapes.
  • Compatibility with most popular scaffolding systems.

What makes us stand out?

  • Own production plant with the most modern robotic machine park in Europe.
  • Huge warehouse space that will soon be filled with 1 million m2 of scaffolding.
  • One of the largest logistics centers in Poland with an area of 8 thousand. m2.

What are our strengths?

  • People full of passion and commitment constantly striving for perfection.
  • Organizational culture based on safety and respect for the environment.
  • Modernity and innovation of applied solutions.

What we provide?

  • Sales without intermediaries in Poland, Europe and the world.
  • Payment in cash, by card, by bank transfer or in the form of leasing installments.
  • Short lead times, from 48 hours and soon from 24h.

How to buy directly or through the website?

  • Visit our headquarters or branch or contact us by phone / online form / email.
  • Place an order and pay for it.
  • Collect the goods or wait for delivery.

Where can you find our scaffolding?

  • Construction.
  • Industry.
  • Entertainment, Trade Fairs and Advertising.

Our Mission and Values

We offer safe, reliable, technologically modern and durable access solutions tailored to the needs of a demanding customer through:

  • understanding the goals and problems with which the client came to us
  • preparation of individual and modern engineering solutions
  • sharing knowledge and experience during the implementation of the project.


To be the most valued company offering scaffolding in Poland and in the world.


Set directions for technological changes on the access solutions market.


“We connect people, modules and systems.”