„We connect people, modules and systems.” 

The SLV Group is a Polish large scaffolding company and scaffolding contractor. The company produces branded scaffoldings adapted to other known systems that it sells around the world.

SLV Group is a producer of high quality steel scaffoldings made of galvanized steel and aluminum scaffoldings. Sold scaffoldings are used in industry (industrial scaffolding), in construction (building scaffolding) and in advertising (stage scaffolding). SLV Group scaffoldings are popular among bricklayers (bricklayers scaffolding) and painters (painters scaffolding).

SLV Group manufactures various types of scaffolding:

  • modern modular scaffolding called ringlock scaffolding (MULTISYSTEM),
  • frame scaffoldings called system scaffoldings (RAM 1 and RAM 2).

Thanks to automation, the robotic production process and compliance with quality standards, SLV Group scaffoldings are stable and safe (maximum height of the scaffold tower is 40 m).

With the largest logistics center of scaffolding access systems in Poland, we guarantee fast and professional delivery of scaffolding and necessary accessories to anywhere in the world.

SLV Group employs over 140 employees at various levels of specialization, including engineers, sales managers, production employees, logistics, warehouse workers and administration employees.

Certificate Scaffolding

All scaffolding produced by SLV Group – system scaffolding (RAM 1 and RAM 2) and modular (MULTISYSTEM), including: frames, planks, stands with rosettes and every other elements and accessories meet strict polish and european  requirements of work safety. It is confirmed by certification of Institute of Construction Mechanization and Rock Mining in Warsaw, and Swedish Technical Research Institute SP and Arbeidstilsynet Institute of Oslo, Norway.


Thank to stable construction of our scaffolding we ensure efficent installation and safe work on heights for people who will work on our scaffolding, this is confirmed by safety cerificates and safety mark „B” which SLV earns for produced scaffolding both facade and modular.

Scaffolding that SLV Group produces are equipped with fully atested securing and stabilizing elements. Guardrails, ledgers, balustrades, and perfored steel – antislip planks this are the elements that keep workers from falling down. Contruction is stiffened by special anchors that are connected to the vertical surface.

We manufacture and sell high-quality internal scaffolding and external scaffolding as well as scaffolding accessories. All our products are made of the highest quality materials from a Polish steel mill. Thanks to the use of special welding robots, we are able to maintain a very high standard of our production with consistent quality.

At the same time, we make every effort to control every item produced. The automation and robotization of the production process allows us to optimize the prices of our scaffolding and maintain a high factory standard, which of course benefits both the SLV Group and our customers. In this way, we can always provide our best scaffolding of the best quality at a fair price.

We are greatfull and we thank our loyal regular customers from Poland and abroad. Constant growth of SLV Group scaffolding motivates us to keep widening our offer, introducing innovative solutions (for e.g. riveted planks) and constant work and research to raise quality of our scaffolding.

Because of the high quality of our scaffolding we are gaining customers not only in Poland but many other countries in the world. At this moment about 60% of our production is being selled outside of the country, some of the destinations are quite exotic such as Israel, Australia or Kenya.

The greatest capital of SLV Group are people, professionals extremely involved in their work and approaching it with great passion and commitment. Our engineers from the SLV Group design office specialize in designing modern scaffolding systems, which they also develop on individual orders. In the process of creation, they combine the latest knowledge in the field of construction and material science with their many years of experience.

Production department employees, using modern robots, will produce every element of the scaffolding with great precision such as: plank, access with ladder, frame, ledger, console, handrail, bracing, stand, toeboard, ladder, stairs and traverses as well as various couplers, connectors and stands.

SLV Group Customer Advisors with great commitment will help in making the decision on choosing the best scaffolding system, calculate and propose the necessary number of elements needed to scaffold a given area and offer an attractive price and will provide professional support at every stage of the ongoing investment.

Efficient logistics specialists will quickly send the ordered goods to any place in the country and in the world.

All our employees participate in numerous internal and external trainings, constantly increasing the quality of products and services offered by SLV Group.

Due to the fact that we have created our own design office, employed a highly qualified staff and introduced automation and robotization of production, we can meet even the most complex expectations of our clients.

This is how our modular scaffoldings (MULTISYSTEM) were created, which allow to set scaffolding of surfaces with unusual shapes.

In addition, at the individual request of the client, we are able to design and produce even the most unusual scaffolding components, adapted to current needs.

Scaffolding Production
– Technology

The uniqueness of the SLV Group scaffolding offer is due to the combination of skills and abilities our staff and the use of modern technologies in production.

Our modern design office employs high-class, experienced engineers and the system and modular scaffolding production line is 90% automated.

All this means that planks, ledgers and other elements of the scaffolding leaving the production line are of the highest and most importantly repeatable quality.

In addition, SLV Group engineers are constantly working on reducing the cost of manufactured elements, while maintaining their high quality. This is how riveted platforms were created, which are cheaper than welded and of equally good quality.


SLV Group Logistics Center

Construction of scaffolding biggest logistics center in Poland in Cieśle under Oleśnica city comes to an end.

Under the investment of SLV Group we create:

• warehouse surface of 1 milion square meters of scaffolding
• office space 1200 square meters
In warehouses of SLV Group we will store every element of the scaffolding both facade systems and modular and necessary accessories. Big stocks will guarantee our customers that they can buy and take immediately any amount of our product.

Logistics center of SLV Group is situated on building plot of 530 thousand square meters. Localization near to express road ensures that our products will get to our customers from Poland and to any other part of the world quick and without any problems.

Constant availability of goods

The SLV Group is one of the few that is distinguished by the constant availability of goods, which guarantees our customers safety and stability. Thanks to that we have constant availability of scaffoldings for sale and we are able to send every order within 48 hours.


SLV Group / Dariusz Telka / declares that RAM 1 scaffoldings or parts of these scaffoldings are not the original products of entities authorized to the Layher trademark.

SLV Group / Dariusz Telka / does not operate within the affiliated entities of the Layher group.