Who we are?

SLV Group (formerly DiMN Rusztowania) is a leading supplier of elevation and facade scaffolding in Poland. Thanks to the strong position on the market and many years of experience in the industry, we are able to offer you the highest quality products at very competitive prices. In addition to the elements available in our standard offer, we can produce even the most unusual scaffolding elements for you. We make every effort to meet the expectations of each of our clients.

Latest news

Construction of SLV GROUP Logistics Center


All our products have the appropriate certificates and approvals. The quality of platforms and scaffolding systems RAM 1, RAM 2 and Multi system guarantees the use of proven, certified raw materials. We want products from the production line to be characterized by safety and reliability, which is confirmed by the Certificates of the Institute of Mechanized Construction and Rock Mining and the Swedish SP certificate


The stable scaffolding structure is friendly for people working at heights. Our products have the necessary type B certificates and safety signs.

We offer an excellent quality facade scaffolding, made with great attention to detail, produced from the highest quality steel at a much lower price.

We have gained trust among hundreds of companies, from all over Poland and Europe. Outstanding quality, customer care and full satisfaction has resulted in a large group of regular customers.

Our staff has knowledge and tools to properly assess the scaffolding parameters. We thoroughly learn the product expectations of our clients.

Each of our clients gets access to a wide range of products, which allows them to adjust the scaffoldings to their own needs and requirements. For your convenience, we are able to produce even the most unusual elements. We also build custom facade scaffolding.

Constant availability of goods

The SLV Group is one of the few that stands out due to the constant availability of goods, which guarantees our customers security and stability. We are able to fulfill every order within 48 hours.


Currently, the production line of our scaffolds is 90% automated, we employ a large group of employees characterized by great experience and high qualifications, and the continuous recruitment and training process allows us to flexibly adapt to the needs of our clients. Bearing in mind the expectations of our customers and continuous technological progress, we have created our own design office.


SLV Group / Dariusz Telka / declares that RAM 1 scaffoldings or parts of these scaffoldings are not the original products of entities authorized to the Layher trademark.

SLV Group / Dariusz Telka / does not operate within the affiliated entities of the Layher group.